Speakers and hosts

1A - Chris Rydings - Axios

CTO - Axios Systems

'ITIL embracing Cloud and DevOps adoption'

With previous roles including CTO at Arnold Clark and managerial positions at Student Loans and UHI Chris has a wealth of service delivery experience and he will be sharing his views on the current challenges and future direction.

1B - Brian Crighton - RBS

Head of Service Improvement

'Skills for ITSM - The Agile Doorman'

Simply having all your staff sit and ITIL Foundation course doesn't mean that you will have an effective team. ITSM has changed and so has the required skill set. Brian will look at what is really required to succeed today.

2A - Simon Sheridan - Citizens Advice

'How Citizens Advice are streamlining their internal and external customer support processes'

The Art of Customer Service. Simon will take us through his customer focused journey, embracing the cloud, multi-channel support and leveraging technology.

2B - Scott McGarvey - CYBG

Head of IT Service Management

'Change Management in a Digital World'

Your software team has embraced DevOps culture and want to just continually release product and updates. The business also wants changes to be delivered at speed. The question is how do you balance the risk and reward? Scott will share some models and practical advise for delivering services in an eco-system that is continually changing.

3A - Chris Pope - ServiceNow

VP Innovation

'How the consumer world is influencing Enterprises all over the world with pervasive technology'

This approach is enabling higher levels of productivity and efficiency across all departments. By leveraging the great work  IT has been doing for years, Automation, Intelligence and Experience, lines of business are able to adapt and adopt at a pace never seen before. 

3B - Jon Hall - BMC Remedy

Principal Product Manager

'Why we should ditch the 3 tier support model and start swarming'

if the answer to why do we have a 3 tier support model is 'we've always done it that way' then perhaps it's time that we took a look at new working methods. Can you ever get a quick response to an incident that ends up with level 3? Traditional support model look out for some disruption and a bit of silo smashing!

4A - Gerry Sweeney - Hornbill

Founder, Group CEO and CTO at Hornbill

'Collaboration - why it matters if being Agile and Digital Transformation is important to your organisation.'

Everybody is talking about collaboration as an effective means to break down silos and provide a more dynamic response to service support and delivery challenges. Well now we have the opportunity to hear from an expert and innovator in the field share the challenges and huge potential benefits.

4B - Andy Giles - Mozaic

Director of Business Development

'Digital Service Management'

Melding Digital Delivery with more traditional Service Management without blunting the edges of both is a challenge. We need to consider all the standard elements of a good operating model, governance requirements, cultural change, data driven automation and appropriate measures to tension delivery. Andy will share Mozaic's delivery model with us.

5A - Simon Kent - Sollertis

Chief Innovation Officer

'5 myths of digital transformation'

 Digital transformation is exciting and promises so much.  Yet many businesses are failing to capitalise.  The problem is that digital transformation is a vaguely defined term which is deeply misunderstood. Simon will explain how to break the misconceptions of digital transformation and move ahead in a positive direction.

5B - Gianpaolo Pagano Mariano - ServiceNow

& Jon Ketley - ITOM Specialists

'ITOM for today and tomorrow'

Take ITSM to the next level with AI powered Operations Management.

How do you move IT operations from a reactive response team to a proactive business partner? Find out how to gain visibility into your end‑to‑end business services and eliminate outages by proactively identifying issues using machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics.

5C - Mark Smalley - ASL BiSL Foundation

'Lessons from a DevOps Simulation'

For the full morning delegates have been working on a simulation based on the Phoenix Project. How did they cope with the ever changing demands of the business? If you are wondering what DevOps can do for you and how it can improve service delivery then you really want to attend this session with Mark and Eppo Luppes. 

6A - Pasi Nikkanen - HappySignals - Chief Product Officer

'Employee Experience is about money, not only feeling warm and fuzzy' 

HappySignals have a whole bunch of metrics relating to customer experience based on data from over 120,000 responses. We often see the rush to shift left and cram everything into service portals. Is this what our customers really want and are we actually saving time and money? Pasi has a few answers,

6B - Andrew Harcourt - SAMGarde

'Are you in total control of your software assets?'

Software Asset Management is becoming a significant challenge with the increased use of SaaS products and the rise of shadow IT. SAM is now more than just counting licenses. Andrew will shows us how implementing effective enterprise wide IT governance can address these issues, reduce costs and also be utilised to help to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities and even help with GDPR compliance.

6C - Panel discussion

'AI, RPA, Chat-bots, Smart-Advisors - What's good and what's not?'

What advantages can new technology bring us and how is it best deployed? Do we really want to automate everything? Where can self-service go wrong? Is there a role left for humans? The panel will debate the pros and cons of an automated world. Kevin Holland, Barclay Rae (itSMF CEO), Kat Turner (ITSM Zone) & Paul Donnelly (Service Integrators)

7A - Claire Agutter - Scopism

 VeriSM - Chief Architect

'A model for value driven, integrated and evolving Service Management'

The world has changed, we all have multi-supplier cloud eco-systems, DevOps, LEAN and Agile mindsets are in the mix, and we still need to blend in elements of traditional waterfall methodologies to maintain governance and ultimately deliver services. VeriSM is not replacing what was achieved so far, but builds on it, putting components in a new, holistic perspective. 

7B - Luc Raeskin - Plat4mation

'A real world DevOps transformation at the biggest pensions group in the Netherlands'

Luc will take us through a case study of his challenges leading a DevOps transformation, blending this with ITSM and governance requirements and ultimately the end benefits This will be followed by a panel discussion where everybody can share experiences and question people who have been there, seen it and done it.

7C - Kevin Holland - EXIN Chief SIAM Examiner

'The challenges of SIAM for service desks'

Founder member SIAM Architect Group and ITIL Master Kevin will be taking about what service integration and management means for service desks. In a world where our services are delivered through multiple cloud partners and in a continual state of flux just where do the lines of responsibility for resolving issues start and finish? 

8A - 8B - 8C

3 x Panel discussions on the future of the IT department and ITSM following on from the previous sessions. Please remain in your stream.

8A Claire Agutter, Chris Pope, Gerry Sweeney, Lorraine Brown (orangebus)

8B Luc Raeskin, Chris Rydings, Jon Hall

8C Kevin Holland, Jason Man (ECS-Digital), Andy Giles (Mozaic)